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'The Bachelorette' Season 11 Winner Results: Did Kaitlyn Choose Nick or Shawn?

The Bachelorette has just concluded its 11th season with a dramatic finale that included one of the most heartbreaking rejections in the history of the franchise, as well as one of its most heartwarming proposals.

It all came down to Nick Viall and Shawn Booth in the quest for Kaitlyn Bristowe's heart.

But which guy did Kaitlyn Bristowe choose? Nick or Shawn?

'The Bachelorette' Season 11 Finale Results Did Kaitlyn Choose Nick or Shawn
Credit: ABC

Both Nick and Shawn met with The Bachelor jeweler to pick out wedding rings, but only one of them got to propose. At the end of the two-hour finale, Kaitlyn made her choice.

Ultimately, the winner of The Bachelorette is...

Shawn Booth wins The Bachelorette 11
Credit: ABC


And that's not all, as Shawn got down on one knee and proposed...and KAITLYN SAID YES!

So that's pretty much a wrap on Season 11. I figured it would be Shawn, but was still pulling for Nick. His rejection was particularly brutal, although I don't really know any way Kaitlyn could have made it less terrible (maybe she could have met with him in his hotel room and let go of him there? Might be a repeat of last season, but then, this kind of ended up being a repeat anyway. That said, I did like how he stuck up for himself when Kaitlyn insisted that she did love him, and that she felt what he felt. It's simply a fact that if she'd felt what he did, she'd be wearing his ring on her finger right now. But she's not, and it was an insult to imply that the situation was anything other than what it clearly was: Kaitlyn rejecting him. I'm sure Nick will be okay, but that moment where Kaitlyn stopped him from proposing just looked painful.

Still, this season ultimately accomplished its goal: Kaitlyn has found a possible husband, and she's now engaged! So congratulations to both Kaitlyn and Shawn!

But what do you think of Kaitlyn's choice? Sound off in the comments!

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