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‘The Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky Kinda Loves ‘The Bachelor’ Villain Corinne

One of the most popular women to ever star as The Bachelorette kinda loves the latest villain on The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios.

Granted, Ali doesn’t exactly condone Corinne’s behavior, but she admits that she’s gradually coming to enjoy Corinne and her shenanigans. After all, Corinne has done a lot of crazy things in the four episodes we’ve had so far, but she’s also begun to turn it all around in the most recent episode after Taylor condescendingly called her out. So it isn’t really that shocking that she’s winning fans, even if one of them is a former Bachelorette. Ali explains her sudden fandom on her blog:

“Look, she said a lot of crazy stuff this episode, but man, she was funny!” Ali writes. “I hate to applaud her behavior (because I don’t condone it), but I really couldn’t help but laugh at the things she was saying last night. They were funny! I mean she had some one-liner GEMS! … And there was a whole lot of ‘poopy’ talk that had me in tears laughing. I think Corrine is smarter than she lets on. It takes some wit to be that funny, in my opinion.”

'The Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Kinda Loves 'The Bachelor' Villain Corinne


With that said, Ali isn’t exactly excusing Corinne’s terrible behavior. In fact, the former Bachelorette calls her on it.

“That said, her behavior is just terrible, and I totally get why the girls are so over her,” Ali continues. “Girl still has quite a bit of ‘personal growth’ in her future that I look forward to for her. And her threatening to punch Taylor in the face is terrible and shows how immature she can be.”

Of course, Ali acknowledges that there might be more to Corinne than meets the eye.

“But I definitely appreciate her humor and would love to take her under my wing. I think she’s a good person, just needs a little direction,” Ali concluded.

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