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The Bachelorette 2016 Results: Who Went Home In Episode 8?

The results are in for The Bachelorette 2016 Episode 8, as the final 3 were set in stone!

The final four men — Robby, Luke, Jordan and Chase — take JoJo on Hometown Dates to meet their respective families, and it left the Bachelorette with some questions about what she wants out of her potential marriage going forward. It all built to a pretty surprising elimination at the Rose Ceremony, as one man fell just short of meeting JoJo’s family.

So who went home? Check out the results below:

The Bachelorette 2016 Results Who Went Home In Episode 8

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So tonight’s twist is that there was no result at all. Nobody went home. Yes, this was a “To Be Continued” cliffhanger, as JoJo ended the episode in tears and doubt.

But what was strange about this Rose Ceremony was that a tearful JoJo announced in a confessional, just prior to making her picks, that she felt she had to say goodbye to Luke due to her still being uncertain of his feelings after their Hometown Date. Picking up on JoJo’s discomfited vibe, Luke asks JoJo if he could have a moment to talk to her. So they retreated to a private part of the airplane hangar where the ceremony took place. He apologizes for waiting too long to tell her that his heart is hers, and that he wished he’d taken the chance earlier to tell her that he’s in love with her. And just like that, the whole complexion of the ceremony changed, as JoJo now finds herself rethinking everything. Does she still send home Luke, who finally told her everything she’s been dying to hear from him? Does she say goodbye to Chase, who seems like an otherwise stand-up guy? Does she cut Robby, who continues to insist that his relationship with his ex-girlfriend is over, despite rumors that he only dumped her solely so he could go on The Bachelorette? Or is it the end of the road for Jordan, whose commitment JoJo still doubts?

We’ll find out next week in a two-night Bachelorette event, as we get the conclusion to this cliffhanger on Monday, followed by the Men Tell All special on Tuesday. Should be a fun time.

But what did you think of tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments!

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