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The Bachelorette 2016 Results: Who Went Home In Episode 3?

The results are in for The Bachelorette 2016 Episode 3, as the Chad drama reaches new heights!

Seriously, they might as well just rename this The Chad Johnson Variety Hour, because the lion’s share of this week’s drama centered on the battle between Chad and Evan. After an altercation got physical, Evan gave JoJo an ultimatum that it would either be him or Chad, since he would feel uncomfortable staying if Chad remained in the house. JoJo thought about it for a while, and ultimately chose to give Evan the group date rose, despite admitting that she hadn’t yet made up her mind about Chad. Granted, there was bad behavior on both sides, with Evan making the situation worse by calling out Chad during the stand-up comedy challenge, and later asking why he’s even here. But I think Chad is on a whole other level of ticking time-bombs we’ve seen on this show.

In addition to the Chad craziness, we saw JoJo bond with James T. on a solo date that involved some fun swing dancing, and a frank discussion about their fears in romance, and the struggles they’ve faced in searching for love. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling ABC already wants this guy as the next Bachelor. Either way, I wish we’d get more James Taylor puns than we’re getting. Sure, it’s easy comedy, but at least it’d cut through some of the ominous business with Chad.

So, because this week is a two-night event, we had no Rose Ceremony tonight, so no one went home. Instead, we got a cliffhanger leading into tomorrow night’s episode, as Evan approached host Chris Harrison about Chad’s violence, leading to a one-on-one talk between Chad and Chris. Chris confronted Chad about accusations of violence and steroid use, and Chad vehemently denied each claim. So Chris offered Chad a possible solution: find a way to squash the beef, or go home. What will Chad do? It’s anyone’s guess, at this point. But it probably won’t be good.

With all that having been said, we did receive some rose results, one from the group date and two from each of tonight’s solo dates, meaning at least two men are guaranteed safe heading into tomorrow night’s Rose Ceremony. Check out the results below:

The Bachelorette 2016 Results Who Went Home In Episode 3

Screengrab (Credit: ABC)


Received Roses:

Chase (Solo Date Rose)
Evan (Group Date Rose)
James T. (Solo Date Rose)

So there ya have it. Three men safe so far. More to come on tomorrow night’s episode, as night two of the two-night Bachelorette event continues!

But what did you think of the results? Sound off in the comments!

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