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‘The Bachelor’ Winner Lauren Bushnell Reveals Surprising Celebrity Crush

Lauren Bushnell is the winner of the twentieth season of The Bachelor, becoming engaged to Ben Higgins and landing a spinoff show on Freeform in the process. But now, Lauren is dishing on the one celebrity who makes her heart flutter as much as Ben. And the answer will probably surprise you.

Ben and Lauren sat down with PEOPLE to promote their new show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?, which had its premiere on Freeform on Tuesday night. It was here that Lauren revealed her celebrity crush: Dateline NBC anchor Keith Morrison.

No, seriously.

“It’s 100 percent his voice. It’s, like, calming to me,” Lauren said. “I could fall asleep to Keith Morrison.”

Of course, this is no secret to Ben, as he’s long been aware of Lauren’s crush on Morrison.

In a tweet, Ben wrote, “Things you learn post bachelor: @LaurenBushnell3 watches @DatelineNBC enough to make me worried we may have our own episode one day”.

'The Bachelor' Winner Lauren Bushnell Reveals Celebrity Crush

Source: YouTube

Well, here’s hoping Lauren doesn’t hatch a plot with Keith Morrison to be rid of Ben. Then again, it probably would make for an interesting Dateline. But in all seriousness, I totally get the appeal. Keith Morrison and Stone Phillips were two of my favorite news magazine anchors (although both pale in comparison to the mighty Hugh Downs), so it’s not like this is necessarily crazy. That said, I wonder how Lauren feels about Bill Hader’s impression:

What do you think? Who’s your celebrity crush? Sound off in the comments!

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