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‘The Bachelor’ Star Bob Guiney Marries Fiance In Mexico

Looks like third time could be the charm for a former star of The Bachelor, who exchanged vows for the third time over this weekend

Bob Guiney married fiance Jessica Canyon on Saturday at Casa Entre Rocas in Punta Mita, Mexico on Saturday in a private ceremony in front of family and friends. The festivities were documented on Instagram, as you’d expect. The bridesmaids were decked out in striking black dresses, which is a fashion choice I’m surprised more people haven’t made in recent years, if only for the sake of difference. Then again, not everyone is looking for “different” for their wedding. Regardless, this looked like a lot of fan, as bridesmaids and guests alike participated in a Mannequin Challenge after the ceremony. While there weren’t any images of the bride and groom on the social media sites I visited (well, at least not from the night of the ceremony), I can only imagine they had a hell of a time.

'The Bachelor' Star Bob Guiney Marries Fiance In Mexico

Source: Instagram

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For those who haven’t been with The Bachelor franchise that long, Bob Guiney competed on the first season of The Bachelorette, and also served as the fourth Bachelor, all of which feels like it happened yesterday, in my mind. (Seriously, where does the time go?) Although he’s been married thrice before, Guiney gives off the impression that this marriage could be the one that sticks. The couple has been engaged since October 2015, and Bob has been over-the-moon about Jessica on social media ever since. So here’s hoping this is forever.

Regardless, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Guiney! We wish them all the best for the future! Goodness knows, The Bachelor franchise could use a couple happy stories, even if those stories didn’t necessarily originate on the show.

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