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‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall Opens Up About Corrine Drama

The Bachelor has been pretty drama-filled this season, and much of it revolves around one person: Corrine Olympios. The 24-year-old has been thirsty for attention, and she’s been using her sex appeal to get more alone time than the other women in the competition. On last night’s episode, she went all-in with a trench coat, whipped cream, and a bouncy castle.

Needless to say, Nick got into trouble with the other women for indulging Corrine’s increasingly outlandish ploys for attention. In fact, it caused several women to question his intentions, with the episode ending on a cliffhanger when Vanessa questions whether he’s looking for a wife or just some woman to mess around with.

But Nick is opening up on all this Corrine drama, and offering his side of the story, in a behind-the-scenes blog post for Follow the link to read the full blog post, but for now, here are some highlights addressing the Corrine situation:

'The Bachelor' Nick Viall Opens Up About Corrine Drama

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“Okay, so I’m sure you’re all dying to know what I thought when Corinne took out the whipped cream. If there is one thing Corinne never fails to succeed in, it is being full of surprises. Did I ever expect to find myself in front of the Bachelor mansion with a woman in a trench coat? Never. But Corinne is bold, sexy and unique … so I kind of just ran with it for a moment. I also want to point out she wasn’t naked, even though it might appear that way. That evening also happened to be my birthday, and I think she was trying to channel her inner Marilyn Monroe. It was important to make sure Corinne was comfortable, but I didn’t want to get too carried away with a cocktail party happening, not to mention just moving too fast in our relationship. I never wanted Corinne to find herself with a target on her back … but sleeping through a rose ceremony didn’t help her. These rose ceremony nights are exhausting to say the least. They have an emotional toll, and they’re also just long evenings. Despite the fact Corinne had a rose from the group date, she should have been there out of respect for the women who aren’t in that same position of comfort.”


“As the beautiful Alexis stated, “Seventeen girls, one pool party, one Nick … let’s see what happens” — and sure enough, there was a lot to see. It was awesome just how hyped up the women were for the pool party. We had the BBQ going, pool floats and something you guys didn’t see, an impromptu dance party. When Corinne pulled me into the bounce castle, I honestly didn’t expect it to become the controversy it did. By then, Corinne had proven herself to be a woman who was always thinking of a unique way to get my attention. It didn’t surprise me that she would want to pull me aside to do something different. After a few minutes of jumping around and kissing, I felt like it was time to go back to the party. The chemistry between us was strong, but there were so many other qualities that drew me to her. When the other women started to question her, and then question me — it was hard to answer. I stand by Corinne and her confidence. During my time on Andi’s season and Kaitlyn’s season, I too was questioned constantly. I appreciated Corinne for always putting us first. But when Vanessa started to question me, I stepped back and had to think about it. Were my actions contradicting what I was here for? Was I being unfairly called out? I had so much respect for all the women and I’ve always respected someone who challenges me. I honestly felt sick because I wanted to be fair, but follow my heart. Could I do both?”

It’s going to be tough for Nick to balance his attraction to Corrine with how it’s making him look to the other finalists, since she’s miles away from what he claims to want. Worse, she’s exactly the kind of person everyone expects him to go after, which suggests that he hasn’t really changed all that much. However, I would imagine Nick expected things to go differently as The Bachelor. I’m sure he figured it would be difficult, but not this early into the season. That said, he seems to be handling it about as well as could be expected, although I suppose a better way to handle it would be to avoid being seen getting straddled by Corrine in an enormous bouncy castle. But he’s only human, I guess.

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