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‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall Explains Why He Revealed Sleeping With Andi Dorfman

The Bachelor Nick Viall caught a lot of heat a few years ago on After the Final Rose when he revealed, to a nationwide audience, that he slept with The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman. However, he had a reason, even if it’s probably not what you’d consider a great one.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Nick explains that the big reason he chose to reveal what he did was because he believes in transparency in a relationship. Considering that Andi was saying a lot of things that didn’t line up with her actions on the show, Nick felt the need to confront her about it, leading to the supremely awkward moment in which he asked why she slept with him if she wasn’t falling for him. When questioned by PEOPLE, Nick intimated that he didn’t want to repeat the mistakes with his finalists that Andi made with him.

“I’m a big believer in transparency in any type of a relationship and in life,” Nick said. “There are things I like to keep personal but at the same time, I think one theme you’ll see throughout [the show], is that I wanted all the women to feel incredibly comfortable and empowered to ask me whatever they wanted to ask me — knowing that I would give them an honest answer and that it would be a two-way street.”

For Nick, transparency is about getting to the truth of your connection with another person.

“When you’re going to consider spending the rest of your life with someone, you need to have some pretty transparent conversations,” Nick stated. “If you’re taking it seriously you have to be willing to have those conversations and be open about it. You can’t have a watered down version of the real world, especially if you’re considering proposing.”

'The Bachelor' Nick Viall Explains Why He Revealed Sleeping With Andi Dorfman

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Ultimately, I think it’s up to the viewer if that’s a good enough reason for putting Andi on blast on live TV. For me, it still seemed like the wrong thing to do, but I’m sure there are others who were totally on his side when it happened. I generally like Nick, and I’m looking forward to his season, although I’m hoping he doesn’t go too far overboard with the transparency, or we might be in for a disaster of Juan Pablo proportions. Then again, that would kind of make for a more entertaining season than we’ve gotten with the last two Bachelors.

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