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‘The Bachelor’ Is Making Its Own Wine Now, Because Of Course

The Bachelor is the ultimate show for getting wine drunk and riffing at the highs, the heartbreak, and the absurdity of reality romance. So it’s probably not that surprising to learn that The Bachelor franchise is getting into the wine game.

Just in time for the holidays, The Bachelor Wine Collection is now available to pre-order ahead of the December 14th ship date, with three separate varieties to meet the needs of your Bachelor viewing party: The Fantasy Suite (Cabernet Sauvignon), One on One (Chardonnay), and The Final Rosé, because OF COURSE.

Naturally, the official release describes these as wines that “were crafted to take you on your own romantic journey as you experience every moment of love, every moment of heartbreak that is The Bachelor.”

'The Bachelor' Is Making Its Own Wine Now, Because Of Course They Are


Here’s hoping they didn’t just write a check that this wine can’t cash. Wine is pretty easy for your average vintner to screw up, and even harder to get right, so fingers crossed this doesn’t get you “that special kind of drunk” that has you nakedly jumping into a swimming pool on national television.

You can order The Bachelor Wine Collection here and have it shipped in time for the season premiere on Monday, January 2nd.

But what do you think about The Bachelor Wine Collection? Is this something you might be into? Sound off in the comments!

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