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‘The Bachelor’ Gets Hilarious Recap By The Roots on Fallon (VIDEO)

The Bachelor is in the midst of a pretty wild season. We’re only two episodes in and we’ve had topless flashing, a half-naked photoshoot, Nick Viall admitting to the other girls that he slept with a contestant nine months earlier, and a dramatic “break-up” exercise that led to Nick getting slapped! So who better to recap although the crazy drama than The Roots.

In this video, The Roots reenact the drama between overly-aggressive Corrine and emotional health counselor Taylor, as Corrine continually interrupted girls like Taylor while they were trying to have alone time with Nick. In the show, this led to a huge, passive-aggressive confrontation between the two women. On The Tonight Show, however, it led to a positively ridiculous back-and-forth between Tariq and Questlove that somehow manages to make an already absurd situation all the more silly. Any Bachelor fan should definitely check it out. Watch the video below:

'The Bachelor' Gets Hilarious Recap By The Roots on Fallon (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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