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‘The Bachelor’ Fan Starts GoFundMe To Free Corinne’s Nanny

A fan of ABC’s The Bachelor is looking to liberate Raquel, the “nanny” for this season’s villain, Corinne Olympios. Although it was revealed to us in the season premiere that Corinne has a nanny who makes all her food and does all her laundry, the most recent episode is when all the other women in the house found out. Corinne defended herself by arguing that it makes Raquel happy to take care of her, and she isn’t one to take away a woman’s happiness, in a scene every bit as ridiculous as it sounds.

Fast-forward to now, as Corinne made an angry Instagram post upon discovering that a fan had set up a page on crowd-funding site GoFundMe. The goal of the campaign? To free Raquel from having to work for someone like Corinne. While it seems pretty obvious that the page was made in jest (with an absurd goal of $100,000 and the hashtag #FreeRaquel2K17), Corinne didn’t really find it all that funny. She posted a screenshot of the page along with the caption, “This is not a joke anymore someone took this way too far and is trying to make money for themselves… Raquel is not a slave and my family and I treat her like part of the family. Leave it alone already it’s getting old. Grow up. #raquelisfree #celebnanny”. Check out the post below:

'The Bachelor' Fan Starts GoFundMe To Free Villain Corinne's Nanny

Source: Instagram

Of course, you could make the argument that it’s kind of rich for someone who doesn’t make her own bed to tell other people to grow up, but I suppose being a villain on reality TV is her brand now. With that having been said, she’s probably going to be an absolute gold mine on Bachelor In Paradise. Or a complete disaster like The Chad. Honestly, at this point, I’m not entirely sure if viewers are going to be up for another round of Corinne by the time her run on The Bachelor is over, regardless of which version of Corinne shows up: the weepy girl with a nanny, or the manipulative vixen — with a nanny. I guess we’ll see.

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