The Bachelor 2017 Spoilers: Where Is The Final Rose Ceremony Being Filmed?

The Bachelor 2017 is fast approaching, and Nick Viall is reportedly down to his final ladies. But where will they be headed for the final dates of the season?

According to Bachelor Spoiler guru Reality Steve, Nick finished filming Hometown Dates yesterday, November 3rd, as he eliminated one person from his Final Four. The final three will be accompanying him overseas for the overnight Fantasy Suite dates and the Final Rose Ceremony. But it's not going to be the type of location you might expect, judging by past seasons.

As it turns out, the show is getting away from tropical locations for its Season 21 finale, instead choosing to go to a different environment entirely:

The Bachelor 2017 Spoilers Where Is The Final Rose Ceremony Being Filmed
Source: YouTube

The Bachelor is going to Finland, baby!

Reality Steve didn't specify where in Finland the crew would be headed, but they're going to have to be bundled up regardless since it's apparently already snowing there.

I love a wintery location for a show like this, as it offers a completely different look than the sandy, beachfront locations we usually get. I'm interested in what they're going to use for the set for the Final Rose Ceremony. Sometimes, they just shoot outdoors and set up a little podium. But, considering the weather and the slim dresses the final two women will likely be wearing, I can imagine they'd set up the ceremony to take place indoors, perhaps against a fully-glass backdrop to display the snow-covered scenery in the background. Sort of like the ballroom in Beauty and the Beast, but...well, in Finland. Whatever direction they choose to take the Final Rose Ceremony, from a design standpoint, I'm stoked for something different.

But what do you think of the location for The Bachelor 2017 finale? Sound off in the comments!

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