The Bachelor 2017 Spoilers: What Locations Are Nick Viall And His Ladies Visiting?

One of the big draws of The Bachelor is the globe-trotting and all the scenic vistas that the lead and his ladies get to visit. Naturally, The Bachelor spoiler guru Reality Steve has unveiled where the finalists are heading for the globe-trotting dates that occur early in the season. Of course, this is a big case of "baby steps", starting out in domestic locations before venturing out to international lands.

According to the report, Nick Viall and his ladies start things out in Los Angeles, where the group date with the Backstreet Boys takes place. From there, the group will be heading to Milwaukee for Episode 4, before moving on to New Orleans for Episode 5. Reality Steve originally noted that the finalists would be heading to an unknown location for Episode 6 before heading to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands for Episode 7. However, the trip to the Virgin Islands occurs a bit earlier, as Nick and his ladies will be heading to St. Thomas for Episode 6 before visiting The Bahamas in Episode 7.

Although not confirmed, it's expected that the finalists will remain there for some time, before heading back to the States for Hometown Dates.

The Bachelor 2017 Spoilers: What Locations Are Nick Viall And His Ladies Visiting?
Source: YouTube

At first glance, this seems like far fewer international locations than in past seasons. But, honestly, it's about on-par with the amount of travel in recent Bachelor seasons. For example, Ben Higgins and his finalists visited Las Vegas, Mexico City, The Bahamas and Indiana. The year before, Chris Soules and his ladies went to San Francisco, Santa Fe, Deadwood, Des Moines, and the island of Bali in Indonesia. Granted, this is a big departure from, say, Season 18 with Juan Pablo Galavis, who journeyed with his finalists to Utah, South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, Florida, and Saint Lucia. But I feel the days of sweeping location filming are behind us. At most, I could see them doing one or two international locales per season now, and remaining in the U.S. for the majority to save on money. Then again, if the show ratings get a huge boost, I could see the travel budget getting a similar infusion. I just wouldn't expect for an entire international season any time soon (like how Season 9 took place entirely in Rome).

For what it's worth, I think the locations matter less than the dates themselves, as far as what makes The Bachelor the show that it is. It also goes without saying that, in a lot of ways, the contestants themselves are more important to making an interesting season than The Bachelor himself. While Nick is definitely a controversial pick for the lead, if not the most controversial we've had since the show first started casting its new Bachelors from within, I could imagine his season producing some really good drama. I suppose we'll see when Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor premieres in January on ABC.

But what do you think of the locations for this year on The Bachelor? Sound off in the comments!

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