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‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Episode 4 Live Blog: Everyone Goes Home! (VIDEO)

The Bachelor 2017 is all-new, as EVERYONE goes home! Well, they all go back to Nick’s hometown, that is.

Yes, the women will be shoveling cow poop and meeting the family earlier than expected. But that’s not all. Recording artist Chris Lane will be performing on the show tonight, and Corinne will finally get called out by the other women in the house. Or, at the very least, that’s what the previews appear to suggest. But we all know how misleading promos can be. By the same token, we also know how withholding promos can be, so here’s hoping we’re in for some epic drama tonight.

I’ll be adding video clips from the episode as the night rolls on. Until then, check out my live blog and recap of the show below:

'The Bachelor' 2017 Episode 4 Live Blog Everyone Goes Home

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8:02 PM: We pick up from last week, with Vanessa lighting Nick’s ass up over all the Corinne nonsense. She straight-up tells him that she’s bugged enough by this to want to give him back the Rose, and this is where Nick perks up and looks terrified, saying he hopes she doesn’t do that. He feels awful about how she feels about his actions, and says he needs someone like her to slap him around and give him wake-up calls. Vanessa and Nick eventually stabilize, and Vanessa is confident that Corinne won’t get a Rose.

On that subject, Chris Harrison earns his paycheck by coming out and announcing it’s time for the Rose Ceremony. Naturally, Corrine is still asleep, but Sarah and Taylor come in to make sure Corrine stays WOKE about this whole Bouncy Castle situation, telling her it was a bad look for her. Corrine lashes back about how she isn’t as privileged as everyone thinks, somehow ignoring that SHE HAS A FREAKING NANNY. So glad Taylor called her out on that mess.

8:11 PM: It’s ROSE CEREMONY TIME! And Corinne is positively mortified at the possibility of going home, while Taylor feels Nick runs the real chance of losing some of the girls in this house if she doesn’t send Corrine home. For his part, Nick tells Chris that he’s glad the women feel they can voice their opinion to him, since he takes this all seriously. Throughout the ceremony, countless women throw shade at Corrine in confessionals over her immaturity, basically guaranteeing she’s sticking around.

Nick hands out the roses…

Vanessa (Solo Date Rose)
Danielle L. (Group Date Rose)
Rachel (Group Date Rose)
Danielle M.

Christen and Brittany are eliminated, and both shed tears after leaving, reflecting on how hard they’ve searched for love only to not find it here. This is sad enough, but then Corrine decides to MAKE A SPEECH about unity and what an amazing opportunity this is, while talking in the confessional about how she’s being fake right back to the girls who are fake to her. On the one hand, Corrine is the absolute worst. On the other hand, a lot of the girls ARE being fake with her, being cordial to her face and then running to Nick to complain. Granted, I’m not sure what confronting Corrine would accomplish, but just don’t engage with her at all then, right?

8:24 PM: So Chris comes in to earn more of that sweet cheddar by informing that the women will finally begin their global journey with Nick! You know, this season has been so Corrine-oriented that it hasn’t even occurred to me that they haven’t traveled anywhere yet. Anyway, we get a positively adorable moment as Nick meets his parents for coffee, and his mother talks about what it was like meeting his father. She sheds tears, Nick sheds tears, and I’m not really sure I can do any of this justice, although Nick’s dad just might have the line of the episode when he says neither of them want to see him on this show again.

Once in Waukesha with Nick, the girls are anxious to find out what’s in store…only for Nick to pick Danielle L., and whisk her away to do…something. As it turns out, he’ll be spending the day with her, taking her around Waukesha in a trip down memory lane, to visit such places as the library where he’d make out with girls, or that one place where he first got dumped at age 11. They do go to an adorable bakery where they have a cookie shaped like Nick called the “Nick-erdoddle”. And…yeah, they really should have focus grouped that name.

8:37 PM: Nick walks through town with Danielle and they’re spotted by a woman who waves at them through a cafe window. Nick identifies her as an ex, which is just about the dumbest thing he could have done. WHY WOULD YOU NOT KEEP WALKING? Anyway, they stop and have a chat, and Danielle asks the girl, named Amber, why Nick is still single. She says it’s because he sort of backs out of relationships if he isn’t feeling it, which Danielle feels is a fair answer. She loves that Amber only has nice things to say about him, so it ended up not being as catastrophic a mistake as I thought. Although he then takes her to the hills where he had his first kiss and his first sexual encounter, for some stupid-ass reason. Seriously, why would you spend this much time talking about exes? It’s literally stunning to me that any part of this date worked for Danielle, because Nick seriously just took her to places where he’d been with exes, and then bragged about having hooked up with them there.

8:45 PM: Nick and Danielle go to dinner to talk about why they’re both single, in keeping with the overall theme of this date: Our Past Relationships and Why They Failed Out Loud. Danielle explains how her parents’ divorce affected her ability to open up, while also noting that she didn’t do a whole lot of research on Nick before the season began, because she wanted to go in with a fresh mind. Nick hardly needs to hear anything else before he offers her the rose. I really can’t say I blame her. Danielle L. is total wifey material, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was bound for the Fantasy Suite.

After Danielle accepts the rose, Nick takes her for one last surprise, a bucket list thing for him: dancing in a crowd full of people while being serenaded by country singer Chris Lane. You two literally JUST did this with the Backstreet Boys!

8:58 PM: The next day, the other women arrive on a dairy farm to find Nick feeding milk to a baby cow, in a scene that melts plenty of hearts, none more so than Taylor’s. And yet, it’s such a cloyingly transparent bit of business. “Oh hey? Didn’t see you there. I was just casually feeding milk to a baby cow. You really shouldn’t sneak up on me when I’m being spontaneously adorable like this.”

For her part, Corrine complains about having to be on the farm, talking about how she’d rather be at a spa eating a chicken taco. She then complains about having to do chores like feeding hay to a cow. As it turns out, the only reason they’re even doing this is because Nick spent some time on a friend’s farm as a kid, as the show continues to find budget-friendly date ideas loosely tied to their Bachelor. Naturally, while the other women take the date in good humor, and have fun feeding the cows and even shoveling poop, Corrine becomes a big baby and goes to sit on a rock, away from everyone else. Sarah has another contender for line of the night when she says she isn’t sure if it’s the feces or what, but she smells bulls*** when it comes to Corrine and her lousy attitude. This really needs to be a dealbreaker for Nick, because I can’t see him maintaining any respect from the women if he continues keeping her around while letting her get out of doing the things all the other women have to do to stick around.

9:08 PM: Corinne makes up some infuriating story about losing hand circulation as an excuse for not shoveling “poopy”. And the fact that she keeps calling it “poopy” is making me unreasonably livid. She also compares herself to corn, saying she has layers that you need to peel back. Thankfully, we get a break from Corrine as Nick has some alone time with Kristina, telling her how much he enjoys her zest for life. They make out, because of course they do. Similarly, Nick has some alone time with Vanessa where she gives him a gift from her students in the form of a booklet. They also make out, because of course they do.

However, the reprieve is short-lived, as Corrine takes center stage once again, holding a meeting to ask the other women what their problem with her is. She implores them to talk to her if they have a problem, and opens the floor for anyone to ask questions. Sarah asks if she feels she’s genuinely ready to marry a 36-year-old man and meet his maturity level, since they’re all going to be at the next Rose Ceremony, not taking naps. Corrine apologizes for taking naps, while ragging on the women in confessionals in a positively infuriating bit where she gets bent out of shape that they’re mad over the nap. Sarah says she would literally step through s*** to stay in the competition, but Corrine tries to argue she would too, but lost circulation in her hands, which is why she sat out. I really can’t take this anymore. Thankfully, an ad break is here so I can go take blood pressure meds and brew some tea.

9:20 PM: Rachel is next to get alone time with Nick, saying that she’s given up a lot to be here. Naturally, Nick is appreciate of that, and wants to assure her that he wants her here. They make out (again, because of course they do. Not that I blame him. I’d be kissing everyone too). But now it’s right back to Corinne, as Kristina tells her that she doubts she’s here for the right reasons. She simply doubts that Corinne will be there for him. She insists she will be, and tries to defend herself by saying she had a serious medical condition to explain why she sat out. But Kristina says she isn’t stupid, and calls Corinne out for basically being a coward. Corinne is offended and tattles to Nick about the other girls ganging up on her. He thanks her for coming forward, and Corinne notes in her confessional that this was an “adult convo” since they didn’t kiss at all.

For what it’s worth, I think Nick is going to have far more patience with Corinne than another Bachelor might because he’s been the “villain” of a season before, and knows what it’s like to have everyone ganging up on you. With that said, I’m genuinely wondering how much longer he can keep Corinne around before the women start to turn on him en masse. Luckily, he shows some needed self-awareness by not giving Corinne the rose, choosing to give it to Kristina, who has the most adorable surprised reaction. She lets Nick know just how much she appreciates it, while Corinne does another confessional about how there will be trouble if anyone confronts her again. I’m sorry, but I’m just completely over this business with Corinne.

9:31 PM: Nick and Raven meet up for their one-on-one, and Raven is understandably excited, since she wouldn’t want to visit anywhere else with Nick but here, considering this is where his roots are. She gets to meet Nick’s little sister, Bella, and join her for soccer practice. Raven is charmed by how Nick is around Bella, since it shows him how he’d be as a father and a family man. For his part, Nick feels this date will tell him a lot, because if he is lucky enough to get engaged, this is precisely what they’re going to do, visit his family and go to soccer games. Um, are we just going to ignore that Nick has been living in Los Angeles for the better part of a year?

Raven then gets to meet Nick’s parents, and explain that she got the name because her dad insisted. While her mother fought it, the matter was pretty much settled when she was born with jet black hair. Nick is impressed with how natural Raven is around his family, and it’s a refreshing escape from all the drama back at the hou–oh wait, now we’re back to Corinne again. Corinne is right back to complaining about everyone ganging up on her, while Taylor chats with Danielle M. and delivers yet ANOTHER line of the night contender, holding up her hand in a “zero” sign, and saying “This is how many f***s I give, and how much chill I have left.” GET IT, TAYLOR!

Meanwhile, Raven has an endearing chat with Bella about Nick, with Bella declaring that she really likes Bella, and she really wants a new sister-in-law. They then skate in a roller rink to the dulcet sounds of “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. (Whatever happened to them?!) Nick declares this one of the best dates he’s ever been on, and I actually believe him on this one, because it strikes me as exactly the kind of day he’d plan himself.

9:43 PM: Nick and Raven go to dinner and the conversation turns to her past relationship. She talks about the night she learned her boyfriend was cheating on her: basically, she got a phone call from a colleague who spotted her boyfriend in the bar with another woman, so Raven told her mother that her boyfriend was cheating on her, and she handed her daughter the car keys and said, “Go.” Sure enough, Raven goes to her boyfriend’s house and discovers them in bed together after kicking in the door to his bedroom. “I know what her vagina looks like” is an amazing line, and catapults Raven way up the rankings, for me. And it’s cemented when she talks about what she’s learned from being cheated on, and what she deserves as a human being. Damn, she is serious wifey material, and Nick appears utterly beguiled by her, offering her a rose, which Raven happily accepts.

9:53 PM: So it’s time for the cocktail party, and Danielle L. immediately steals Nick. Taylor is annoyed that Danielle L. did that, since she already has a rose. So Taylor comes over and interrupts their conversation. Danielle L. goes on for a positively uncomfortable amount of time before realizing Taylor is there, although Taylor lets it go on for a really long time before even saying anything. Nick snuggles Taylor in a blanket by the fire, and begins kissing her. Corinne, for her part, declares that Taylor is disgusting, and Josephine backs her up by saying it’s stunning that Taylor doesn’t see how she comes across.

Naturally, Corinne loses her mind and decides to confront Taylor by the fire, demanding that Taylor explain to her why she has such a problem. Corinne takes issue with Taylor’s assertion that she lacks intelligence, even after Taylor explains there are different kinds of intelligence, like emotional intelligence, book smarts, and street smarts. Corinne feels like Taylor is treating her like an idiot. They essentially shout at each other about who’s calling who an idiot, with the other women coming outside to see what’s happening. Corinne vows, in a confessional, that she wants to punch Taylor in the face. And with that, we end on a cliffhanger. But not before some post-credits bloopers with Alexis talking about her biggest fears. She deserves so much more screentime than she’s been getting.

And that’s a wrap! What did you think of tonight’s show? Sound off in the comments!

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