'The Bachelor' 2017 Contestant Arrested For Theft In Texas

We're only a few weeks into The Bachelor 2017, and already the contestants are making headlines for reasons that basically have nothing to do with their actions on the show.

Ida Marie De Los Santos was eliminated in the season premiere of The Bachelor, as she was one of the unfortunate women Nick Viall sent home on the first night. But since then, the 23-year-old has gotten up to some mischief: the ex-contestant was arrested for theft in Harlingen, Texas!

'The Bachelor' 2017 Contestant Arrested For Theft In Texas
Source: YouTube

According to the police report, Ida Marie and a gal pal stole $373.01 from a local Target. Needless to say, neither woman got very far before being apprehended. Both were arrested and booked on theft charges, while police returned the stolen goods to the store. Of course, you'd think Ida Marie would know better, considering she actually works as a sales manager in Harlingen. But nope. Turns out, she got a different kind of bracelet than the one she probably wanted.

No word on if this will impact her ability to appear on the Women Tell All special in a few weeks. But for now, she should probably focus on not making this sort of mistake again.

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