Tesla Upgrades Autopilot So It Must Obey Speed Limit

Tesla is upgrading its Autopilot with an update that seems like common sense: the Autopilot will no longer be able to break the speed limit. Previously, it was possible for the Autopilot’s “Traffic-Aware Cruise Control” to be set to go 5 mph over the speed limit on many roadways. However, it appears that feature has been patched with the latest update.

According to Electreck, the update will force cruise control to follow the speed limit exactly. The tech blog would go on to add that “the speed limit doesn’t have a direct effect on the Autopilot’s speed. The speed is still limited by the Autopilot’s overall 90 mph speed limit.”

Tesla Upgrades Autopilot So It Must Obey Speed Limit

Source: YouTube

Naturally, this is the latest in a series of new updates for the Autopilot feature on Tesla automobiles, as the company has reportedly improved the Autopilot’s vision neural net. Of course, it’s going to be a while before Tesla works out all the kinks in the system, since this is relatively new territory for automakers, even automakers as tech savvy as Tesla Motors. Here’s hoping we see this technology become more refined soon.

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