Tesla Swipes Top Engineering Director From Volvo

Tesla is beefing up its engineering division, so they need some pretty sharp minds. Of course, if a person they have their eye on is working for the competition…well, let’s just say that isn’t going to stop Tesla from making an offer.

According to Electrek, Tesla has swiped Anders Bell, the Senior Director of Engineering at Volvo, from the Swedish automaker. Bell, who’s been with Volvo since graduating from engineering school in 1998, will be making the big move from Sweden to California for his new role. As the man who once led interior development and engineering for Volvo, it’ll be interesting to see what Bell is looking to do for the interiors of Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Swipes Top Engineering Director From Volvo

Source: YouTube

After all, Bell has a pretty varied resume, namely having spearheaded the Interior and Climate engineering department for Volvo Cars China, in addition to helping craft the interior of the Volvo S60L 2015, among other accomplishments. The man is certainly no slouch in the engineering department, although Tesla vehicles will present a different kind of challenge altogether, considering the complexity of their systems, and the goals Elon Musk has for the autonomous car movement. Here’s hoping Bell is part of the solution to help Teslas become more accessible and well-designed.

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