Tesla Suing Michigan Officials Over Dealer License Rejection

When Michigan courts denied Tesla a dealer license to sell cars in their state, the automotive manufacturer didn’t exactly take the news well. And…well, now they’re taking legal action of their own against Michigan officials.

Tesla is suing Michigan governor Rick Snyder and several other top officials of the US District Court in Michigan. In a way, it’s Tesla’s only real method of appealing the court ruling. Apparently, this lawsuit is all part of an attempt by Tesla to change a law, signed in 2014, that prevents manufacturers from selling directly to consumers without going through a franchised dealer.

Tesla Suing Michigan Officials Over Dealer License Rejection

Source: YouTube

Of course, there’s no telling how long this lawsuit could take, and there’s no guarantee this will actually help Tesla’s image in any reasonable respect. Besides, it’s not as if consumers couldn’t still order the cars online. This is simply a prohibition against Tesla opening any brick-and-mortar stores in the state. I suppose I just don’t see this going well for Tesla, since this isn’t exactly an antiquated law when it’s only two years old.

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