Tesla Sales Took A Pretty Serious Hit In October

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the world of Tesla Motors, according to Inside EVs, which tracks electric car sales from month to month.

The automotive company sold only 1,650 cars in the United States for the month of October, which is a significant drop from the 7,500 cars the company sold in September. It’s kind of a crazy drop, when you consider the overall hype that Tesla had managed to cultivate for the Model S, as well as the Model 3, which currently has a wait list of over one year for all new purchase orders.

Tesla Sales Took A Pretty Serious Hit In October

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Although Tesla was still able to earn a profit for the third quarter, this data is still damaging to the company. Case in point, Tesla suffered a three percent stock drop once the data was released. Granted, this could just be an off-month for the brand, as opposed to a bellwether for future decline. But I can’t imagine Elon Musk is thrilled about any of this.

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