Tesla Releases List of Model X Improvements

Some key upgrades are coming to the Tesla Model X, and the company is making the announcement official in celebration of having won the 2016 Golden Steering Wheel Award.

Although the company shipped close to 20,000 Model X SUVs since September 2015, Tesla has noted that there are improvements to come on the electric vehicle. Electrek published Tesla’s official list of the improvements coming to the Tesla Model X in the year to come, as new shipments are due to come in 2017. These are just a few. For the full list, head on over to Electrek:

Tesla Releases List of Model X Improvements

Source: YouTube

Falcon Wing Doors

2x improvement in door sensor object detection
25% improvement in opening/closing speed
Dynamic profile adjustment to indoor mode when roof sensor detects a low ceiling
83% reduction in customer-reported issues with door opening/closing
Powered front doors and remote keyless entry

Refined keyfob detection for smart automatic front door behavior as you approach, enter, or leave the car
8x improvement in keyfob battery life; automated alert from the car if the battery gets low

Touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity improvements via over-the-air software update
Largest user interface overhaul since the launch of Model S in over-the-air Software 8.0 rollout

This latest news comes fresh on the heels of Tesla announcing plans to expand to Ireland in 2017, in addition to branching out into an in-house automotive glass division. However, the news also comes after the announcement that there will no longer be free supercharging for any vehicles ordered after January 1, 2017. But sometimes, you’ve gotta take the lows with the highs, I suppose. All in all, anyone looking to get a Tesla is unlikely to be dissuaded by a few changes here and there. This is a hot commodity, and although Tesla sales weren’t great in October, I think the brand is probably still healthy for now.

But what do you think about the latest changes to the Tesla Model X? Sound off in the comments!

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