Tesla Recalls 7000 Charging Adapters Due To Overheating

Well, it looks like Samsung isn’t the only company dealing with overheating issues that result in product recalls, as Tesla is now facing a recall of their own in the United States.

Tesla Motors has officially announced a voluntarily recall of roughly 7,000 adapters for their electric car after receiving two separate reports of overheating that ended with the plastic on the plugs being melted beyond recognition. While no damage was reported besides the melted plastic, Tesla has set the recall into motion, alerting U.S. regulators about the recall as well.

On the one hand, Tesla is taking responsibility for the mishap, but it’s not really an issue with their own product. In fact, the charger was manufactured by a third party supplier, and the sale of these chargers have already been discontinued for the past six months. For what it’s worth, Tesla will be replacing the affected NEMA 14-30 chargers, in addition to the similarly designed NEMA 10-30 and 6-50 chargers. This could take up to three months, but it’s generally better to be safe than sorry.

Tesla Recalls 7000 Charging Adapters Due To Overheating

Source: YouTube

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