Tesla P100D Goes Drag Racing — Winner Takes All! (VIDEO)

The Tesla P100D is a coveted car, as many view the Model S as the standard bearer for the electric car movement, with its all-electric powertrain capable of getting drivers from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. But how would a Model S P100D fare in a drag race?

In this video, we see what a Tesla Model S P100D can do in a winner-takes-all drag race. Over the course of the event, 14 cars competed for the $2,800 grand prize. As the description states, the biggest reason the P100D had a chance in this style of race is because “this was not just a street race, we’re racing backwards at 710 Dragstrip (1/8th mile) and the end of the track is basically worse than any real street that you would race on with it being just tar and gravel.” So while the Tesla did struggle for traction, this ended up being a lot more interesting than you’d probably expect. Watch the video below:

Tesla P100D Goes Drag Racing -- Winner Takes All! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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