Tesla Model S Goes Head-to-Head With Nissan GT-R: It’s Electricity vs. Petrol! (VIDEO)

CarWow is here with a new head-to-head video that pits electricity against petrol, as the Telsa Model S squares off against the Nissan GT-R in an acceleration challenge.

The particular models being tested her are the standard 2017 GT-R and the Model S 90D, which go for the same price. The goal of this head-to-head acceleration test is to discover which car provides drivers with the most acceleration for their money. Thus, these cars must have a comparable price, meaning the CarWow guys can’t simply just use the more powerful Tesla Model S P100D. So which car won this battle? The gas powered car, or the more futuristic electric car? Watch the video below to find out:

Tesla Model S Goes Head-to-Head With Nissan GT-R: It's Electricity vs. Petrol! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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