New Tesla Model 3 Buyers Will Have To Wait Until 2018 To Receive Car

Tesla Model 3 cars are now available to purchase! That’s the good news. The bad news is that if you decide to purchase on today, you’ll have to wait until 2018 to actually receive your car.

The change first came to attention on Tuesday via the official Tesla website, as it was indicated that all new purchase orders for the Tesla Model 3, starting at the $35,000 price range, will not be filled until “mid-2018 or later.” That’s for new buyers, as opposed to those who made their initial down payment when preorders first became available in March of this year.

Tesla Model 3 Buyers Will Have To Wait Until 2018

Source: YouTube

However, while this means a two-year wait for anyone hoping to hit the road in a Tesla today, a spokesperson for Tesla told USA Today that this doesn’t necessarily mean a delay in initial Model 3 production, as those first-run orders are still due to be filled next year. So if you were one of the 400,000 buyers to plunk down the $1,000 reservation back in March, you can still expect to get your Tesla in mid-to-late 2017. But it’s going to be a long time before the next set of prospective buyers get a shot to hit the road in a Tesla.

Ah well, quality takes time to produce. If nothing else, it will probably take time to work out some of the kinks, considering the amount of issues various Tesla models continue to have even in this late stage. Better to be safe than sorry. Here’s hoping they’re worth the wait.

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