Tesla Is Coming To Ireland, Model S and Model X Available For Order

If you live in Ireland and want to get in on an automotive revolution, then this is your lucky day: Tesla Motors is expanding to Ireland!

According to a report by Electrek, Tesla has officially started taking orders for Model S and X in Ireland, with an estimated delivery date listed as “early 2017,” provided customers order now. This lines up with what we learned last month from Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, the director of Nordic sales for Tesla, who claimed that the company will be opening stores and Supercharger stations in early 2017. And not a moment too soon either, as the cost is estimated to be around €81,000, once taxes, import fees and exchange rate are factored in.

Tesla Is Coming To Ireland, Model S and Model X Available For Order

Source: YouTube

This is huge for Tesla, as the company continues its international expansion efforts. It’s also some good press for the company in light of recent news of the company’s sales plummeting in October. As I noted in the story about Tesla getting into the glass business, any good press can only help Tesla Motors right now.

But what do you think about Tesla expanding into Ireland? Sound off in the comments!

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