Tesla Is Quietly Phasing Out One Of Its Most Affordable Models

Owning a Tesla isn’t cheap. But even Tesla offered an entry-level option for prospective buyers looking to purchase a Tesla without sacrificing an arm and a leg. But now, it’s looking like that entry-level option is off the table.

Tesla initially introduced the Model S and Model X variants in July, with the Model X 60D being particularly affordable. Well, relatively speaking, as it started at around $75,000. However, the company is quietly phasing out the Model X 60D, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear just yet. This leaves the $86,000 Model X 75D as the most affordable option, at the moment.

Tesla Has Quietly Phased Out One Of Its Most Affordable Models

Source: YouTube

Naturally, there are several theories circulating as to why Tesla made the call to ditch the Model X 60D. The prevailing wisdom suggests that Tesla might have an announcement of a Model X 60D replacement coming in just a few days, with some suggesting the announcement could come as soon as October 17. On the other hand, a more practical theory suggests that the issue is one of supply and demand, with consumers showing greater interest in other models while fewer show interest in the Model X 60D. After all, if you could afford to buy a Tesla, why would you buy the cheapest one, rather than splurge? Granted, not everyone with money thinks this way, but who knows what goes through someone’s head before purchasing a car that expensive? Lord knows, I don’t have any idea, and probably never will.

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