Tesla Fleet Gets Version 8.0 Software Update, New Features

The entire Tesla fleet is getting a major upgrade with its Version 8.0 software update, which boasts a slew of new features.

While it’s not said that this is in response to a security firm discovering vulnerabilities in the technology, this is definitely the biggest software update and user interface redesign since the Model S launched. For now, the intention is to make information easier to access, so drivers can focus on the road without having to fidget around to get the details they need.

Tesla Fleet Gets Version 8.0 Software Update, New Features

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Among the new features included:

-Redesigned media player allows users to sort content in order to put their favorites towards the center of the screen, for easier access.

-The map function will now fill the entire screen, and highlight the most important trip info during your journey. In addition, the map’s control bar will fade automatically after a certain amount of time, in order to provide a clearer view of the map. The map will also have a self-adjusting zoom function, which will focus primarily on the area related to your current travel.

-Voice controls can be activated with one tap.

-A new cabin overheat protection function that allows owners to set a max temperature for the vehicle, so kids and pets don’t run the risk of getting overheated. This function works even while the car is off.

-The Autopilot now allows the car to more easily find curves in the road and adjust speed accordingly. The Autopilot can also be set to automatically exit off-ramps when the feature is activated.

-The Autopilot will also use the radar as a primary control sensor to better detect obstacles. In addition, Autopilot will detect if a car new car is entering your lane and make necessary adjustments to maintain the flow of traffic.

-Perhaps the most safety-conscious feature, however, is the system in place to make certain the driver is paying attention. Basically, the Autopilot will warn you three times to keep both hands on the steering wheel. Fail to comply, and you’ll have to pull over and park your car in order to reactivate the Autopilot feature.

I know it’s cliche, but it really is starting to feel downright futuristic here with all the stuff Teslas can do. Here’s hoping the technology continues to improve, and that other automotive manufacturers are able to innovate as well. Competition tends to breed a strong end product, and a better outcome for consumers.

For more news, watch the video of the aforementioned security firm managing to remotely hijack a Tesla while in motion!

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