Tesla Begins Shipping ‘Signature Series’ Model X Cars to Consumers

Tesla Motors has made a major announcement to anyone hoping to own the next big thing in electric cars: the company has begun shipping its “Signature Series” Model X to consumers.

The hotly-anticipated “Signature Series” version of the crossover SUV is now being shipped out to a select handful of consumers who’ve put down the requisite $40,000 deposit, a fraction of the estimated $132,000-$140,000 cost. Many of these consumers have received their cars already, with some of these deliveries making the rounds via blog posts and social media.

Introduced in 2012, the Model X is the third electric car for Tesla Motors. Currently, the company has over 20,000 reservations on the SUV, which seems to suggest that the company has a huge 2016 ahead, particularly since the Model X will be sharing the spotlight with the similarly buzzworthy Model S and that badass new roadster that’s on the way.

Tesla Begins Shipping 'Signature Series' Model X Cars to Consumers

Credit: Tesla Motors

Tesla spokesperson Khobi Brooklyn confirmed, in an interview with financial publication Fortune, that the company has produced “hundreds” of Model Xs already. Tesla is planning to begin shipping these “general production” models of the car soon, since this is the model that makes up the majority of the Model X reservations. However, there’s no concrete date on when these non-“Signature Series” models would be shipped. I can’t imagine what the wait must be like for people who’ve plunked down six figures on this bad boy. But as someone who’s had the pleasure of experiencing a Tesla firsthand, there’s no way it won’t be worth the wait.

Well, as long as you don’t go driving them into swimming pools.

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