Tesla Autopilot Saves The Day In Accident Avoidance Compilation (VIDEO)

After a year of mostly harsh headlines, Tesla’s Autopilot feature has finally been getting some pretty positive press, thanks in large part to video of the Autopilot predicting a crash ahead moments before it happened. As it turns out, this is far from the first time Tesla Autopilot has saved the day, as this compilation video shows.

In this video, we see a number of dicey situations in which the Autopilot prevented the situation from becoming a disaster, whether it’s swerving to avoid aggressive drivers, stopping to avoid stalled cars ahead, or slowing down to account for different traffic challenges. It’s really impressive to see how the Autopilot feature is able to adapt to a countless variety of situations in seamless fashion. Granted, it’s far from infallible, but I think Tesla has done a hell of a job in refining the system this year. Watch the video below:

Tesla Autopilot Saves The Day In Accident Avoidance Compilation (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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