Tesla Autopilot Predicts Shocking Crash Seconds Before Impact (VIDEO)

Tesla Autopilot has spent the better part of 2016 under fire for not exactly being as refined as the public was initially led to believe. However, the Autopilot is still capable of illustrating just how far technology has come.

In this dashcam video footage, a Tesla is cruising along a highway in the Netherlands when the Forward Collison Warning tone goes off. Sure enough, just seconds after the warning tone, the car ahead of the Tesla strikes another vehicle while trying to change lanes. The car that was rear-ended proceeds to flip over and go rolling down the road. It’s pretty shocking how quickly it escalates. But while the crash looked pretty horrific, reports state that no one was seriously injured.

Tesla Autopilot Predicts Shocking Crash Seconds Before Impact (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

Naturally, the Forward Collision Warning system allowed signaled for the Autopilot to apply the brakes while also charting a path that would best keep its passengers safe. The emergency braking feature was part of a recent over-the-air update to all first generation Autopilot software, although it’s expected to be made available for the latest generation as well. Here’s hoping Tesla makes it available sooner rather than later, because this could seriously save lives. Watch the video below:

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