Ted Cruz Is Lucifer Comparison Angers The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple is not happy that former Speaker of the House John Boehner called Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh” this week.

They agree with the idea that Ted Cruz is indeed evil, but not because he’s like Lucifer. Cruz is evil because he’s a Christian panderer which is opposite of the Christian faith.

Temple leader Lucien Greave told the Friendly Atheist (via RAW STORY):

“Cruz’s failures of reason, compassion, decency, and humanity are products of his Christian pandering, if not an actual Christian faith. It grows tedious when pedophile priests and loathsome politicians are conveniently dismissed as Satanic, even as they spew biblical verse and prostrate themselves before the cross, recruiting the Christian faithful. Satanists will have nothing to do with any of them.”



The Satanic Temple are a group of non-theistic activists who adhere to humanistic tenets that promote compassion and reason.

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