‘Ted 2’ Official Trailer Debuts Ahead of the Super Bowl (VIDEO)

The trailer for Ted 2 was among the most anticipated Super Bowl ads for this Sunday — in the movie trailer department, anyway. But Universal is getting a jump on all the hype by releasing the trailer now, ahead of Sunday’s big game.

The clip shows just how outlandish the sequel to the R-rated comedy is going to be, if having Mark Wahlberg covered in the sperm of a dozen strangers is any indication. The story apparently centers on the newly-married Ted suing the government for the right to have a child, since the law won’t grant him permission to be a father since…well, he’s technically not a person. It’s kind of a weighty subject to tackle for a comedy, and the advertising suggests it’s an analog for the gay marriage debate, since the trailer proclaims, “Legalize Ted” (it’s also the web address for the film’s official website). Although I guess they could be talking about weed too. This IS Ted we’re talking about.

Ted 2 hits theaters June 26, but until then, check out the full trailer for Ted 2, starring Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried, below:

'Ted 2' Official Trailer Debuts Ahead of the Super Bowl (VIDEO)

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