Taylor Swift Trademarked ‘This Sick Beat’ + So Many Other Lyrics From ‘1989’

Taylor Swift‘s latest album entitled 1989 (after the year she was born) is full of many memorable lyrics. Lyrics which T-Swizzle has trademarked. For reasons.

Most of those reasons include the sole ability to put them on merchandise to sell to fans.

Taylor Swift Trademark

Credit: YouTube

They include the phrases: Party Like It’s 1989™, This Sick Beat™, Cause We Never Go Out of Style™, Could Show You Incredible Things™ and Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?™

She can have that last one. We will stick with the more grammatically correct: “Where have you been?”

The trademark allows Swift and only Swift to use the phrases on merchandise. Merchandise that includes typewriters, walking sticks, non-medicated toiletries, whalebone, napkin holders and “whips, harness and saddlery.” Among other things.

Sorry Prince, you probably should have trademarked “Party Like It’s 1999” before Will Smith sampled it and Swift borrowed it for use on her whips.

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