Taylor Swift on Leaked Kanye West ‘Famous’ Video: It’s ‘Character Assassination’

A couple months ago, Taylor Swift ranted against Kanye West at her Grammy Awards acceptance speech for taking credit for her fame in his song “Famous”. However, Kanye insisted Taylor approved the lyric, and claimed to have video proof. Sure enough, just last night, Kim Kardashian leaked the video, in which Taylor approves Kanye’s lyric about taking credit for her fame.

However, Taylor is lashing out at Kanye, claiming that he’s not telling the full story. The lyrics in question: “For all my Southside n****s that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous”. But in the leaked video below, Kanye never mentions the part about calling her “that bitch”, which is apparently the lyric Taylor is upset over.

Taylor would go on Twitter to rail against Kanye for what she perceives as “character assassination”, since the implication of the video is that Taylor lied about having approved the lyric. Taylor doesn’t deny approving the lyric, but says she never approved the final version of the song, including the “that bitch” lyric, because Kanye never played the full song for her like he said he would. The argument is that you can’t approve a song you’ve never heard.

Taylor Swift on Leaked Kanye West 'Famous' Video It's 'Character Assassination'

Source: Twitter

Naturally, this has caused a hot mess on Twitter, with #KimExposedTaylorParty trending like crazy as fans and disinterested parties alike are accusing Taylor of being a liar and a hypocrite. So this is definitely damaging to her brand, to say nothing of the potential illegality of Kanye recording the phone call without Taylor’s knowledge. Of course, the illegality depends largely on whether the phone call was recorded in a state where the law dictates only one party has to know the call is being recorded, or if they were in a two-party state. I’m no lawyer, but Taylor might have a case here, although I’m not entirely sure it’ll be great for her public image to pursue legal action against Kanye and Kim. If what Taylor says about Kanye is true, then yeah, it sucks. But the odds of this blowing over decrease considerably if she gets her legal team involved. Then again, maybe she values the principle over public image. I guess we’ll see.

Taylor Swift Kanye West Famous Leaked Video

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But whose side are you on in all this? Do you even have a side? Sound off in the comments!

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