Taylor Swift Is Dating Tom Hiddleston, and Calvin Harris Feels ‘Betrayed’

After her breakup with Calvin Harris two weeks ago, many thought Taylor Swift might be single for a while. But hey, she’s young, beautiful, and capable of dating just about anyone in Hollywood, so we’re not exactly shocked that she’s already moved on, particularly when the new romantic interest in question is Tom Hiddleston. That said, it’s not as cool when it’s implied that this new relationship with Tom started before Taylor’s relationship with Calvin ended.

According to TMZ, sources are saying that Calvin suspected for weeks that Taylor was involved with Tom Hiddleston, presumably after they were seen dancing together at the Met Gala last month. Sources close to Calvin state that his suspicions peaked in early May, just before the relationship ended. Sure enough, Calvin got his confirmation when The Sun published photos of Taylor and Tom making out on the beach.

As a result of the story breaking, Harris deleted his post-breakup tweet in which he stated there was still “a huge amount of love and respect” between he and Taylor. “He’s pissed and feels betrayed by her,” the sources declare.

Taylor Swift Is Dating Tom Hiddleston, and Calvin Harris Feels 'Betrayed'

Source: YouTube

Of course, every story has two sides. If nothing else, it should be interesting to see what Taylor has to say about all of this if/when she writes a song about it. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a new song by year’s end.

But what do you think about this situation? Sound off in the comments!

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