Taylor Swift Accused of Ripping Off K-Pop Act for ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video

It’s looking like Nicki Minaj isn’t the only one who’s got a problem with Taylor Swift.

Taylor is now accused of plagiarizing one of the most popular acts in K-Pop for her “Bad Blood” music video. South Korean girl group 2NE1 released the smash hit “Come Back Home” in 2014, and the subsequent music video shares a lot of similarities with “Bad Blood”.

The similarities were first brought to wider attention by a Twitter user who tweeted Nicki Minaj at the height of the back-and-forth with Taylor: “Can we talk about how Taylor’s video isn’t original and was copied from a group of four WOC, 2NE1.” The twitter user, @chaelinfenty, included a collage comparing the two videos visually:

Of course, for a more complete look, you can compare both music videos below:

The resulting debate over just how similar the two music videos are appears to add a new wrinkle to Nicki’s sticking point that, ultimately, “Bad Blood” wasn’t more deserving of an MTV VMA Video of the Year nomination than her own “Anaconda” video. However, from a narrative perspective, the two videos don’t really have that much in common. “Bad Blood” tells some weird secret agent storyline where Taylor is betrayed by Selena Gomez, and rounds up a posse in response. Meanwhile, “Come Back Home” focuses on a futuristic, virtual reality world. They just seem inherently different, on the level of premise. That said, there could be something to the allegations. For one, the two videos are visually quite similar…

Taylor Swift Accused of Ripping Off K-Pop Act for 'Bad Blood' Music Video

In addition, the director of “Bad Blood” is Korean-American helmer Joseph Kahn, who stated, in an interview with the Korea Times from November 2014, that he planned to get back to his “Korean roots” and “pay full attention to what’s going on in my field.” In doing research in the K-Pop industry, it’s not that unlikely that Kahn would have come across 2NE1’s music video. I suppose the question now is whether the influence was subconscious or intentional. Despite the narrative differences, both music videos share a visual style that’s striking and distinct.

But what do you think? Are “Bad Blood” and “Come Back Home” suspiciously similar, or is this all a big coincidence? Sound off in the comments!

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