Taylor Lautner goes to bed at night in constant fear of mice

Taylor Lautner has a fear of mice. A fear that he takes with him before he goes to bed at night. Apparently, his house is crawling with mice.

The Twilight star who is currently starring in the movie Tracers, tells PEOPLE: “I am filming in Santa Fe right now and there are so many mice around my house. I go to bed every night afraid that a mouse is going to sleep with me.”

I can understand the fear (somewhat), but I don’t understand why he would allow so much mice in his house if he’s so afraid of them. Doesn’t he have a cat? [Insert joke here.]

With regards to his current film, Taylor says: “I did more stunts in this movie than I think I’ll do in the rest of my career – very dangerous stunts. I’m quite a daredevil in real life so this was a perfect movie for me.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

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