Suspects Arrested, Charged In Murder of UFC Star Ryan Jimmo

Two men are in custody for the hit-and-run death of former UFC star Ryan Jimmo. They are 23-year-old Anthony Getschel, who has been charged with “second degree murder, criminal negligence causing death, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death, and fail to stop at scene of accident involving death,” and 21-year-old Jordan Wagner, who has been charged with “accessory after the fact to murder.”

Jimmo was killed outside an Edmonton sports bar Sunday night. He reportedly confronted Getschel and Wagner in the parking lot of the bar, although the issue between the men has yet to be disclosed. In retaliation for whatever transpired between Jimmo and the two men, Getschel struck the MMA fighter with his vehicle and then fled the scene. Jimmo was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A court date has yet to be set for Getschel and Wagner.

Suspects Arrested, Charged In Murder of UFC Star Ryan Jimmo

Source: YouTube

This is a tragedy not just due to the loss of Jimmo, but for how senselessly two men threw their own lives away. This was an utterly pointless loss of life that didn’t need to happen. At the very least, it appears justice will be meted out, provided Getschel and Wagner are the right men. Still, this is a sad situation, all-around.

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