‘Survivor’ 2017 Results: Who Won ‘Game Changers?’

“Survivor: Game Changers” results for Wednesday May 24, 2017. The winner of the 34th season of “Survivor” was revealed after a three hour finale and reunion show.

The final six head into three Tribal Councils before the jury votes for a winner in the final three.

The final six were: Sarah, Troyzan, Brad, Cirie, Aubry and Tai.


Eliminated in order:


Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Final three: Sarah, Troyzan and Brad

Final Tribal Council:

Votes to win:

Sarah – Hali, Zeke, Andrea, Michaela, Cirie, Aubry and Tai
Troyzan – None
Brad – Ozzy, Debbie and Sierra

Sarah Lacina is the Sole Survivor and wins $1 million! Congrats!

The next season of Survivor is called:

“Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers”

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

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