‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Results: Who Will Win? (POLL) – 05/20/2015

We’re down to the final five on Survivor: Worlds Apart, as we head into the season finale! One castaway will be crowned the Sole Survivor for Season 30, and become the 29th winner of the game overall! Will it be Mike, Carolyn, Rodney, Sierra or Will?

While I’ve been off and on about this season, I think we’ve got some interesting possibilities for the season finale, particularly with the tension ramping up like it has been the past few weeks. Last week’s tribal council was really exciting, and the eventual Ponderosa video showed us a lot about where certain jury members are leaning. But to get in front of the jury, these castaways must survive two more immunity challenges, and a whole lot of scheming.

So what do you think? Are we going to get a surprise at the final tribal council? Or will the winner be one of the expected frontrunners (i.e., Mike or Carolyn)? Add your predictions on who you think is winning it at all by voting in our poll below!

'Survivor Worlds Apart' Results Who Will Win (POLL) – 05202015

I’m positively thrilled about this finale, as Survivor is my favorite show on TV. So even if my favorites don’t make it to the end, my enthusiasm is still through the roof. But, in addition to finding out the winner, I’m excited to find out which 20 former castaways have been chosen for Survivor: Second Chance, as this has the potential to be the most explosive season since Heroes vs. Villains. Of course, it all depends on who gets picked. Either way, I’m anxious to see how finale night pans out!

But who do you think is winning Survivor: Worlds Apart? Who SHOULD win? And which castaways should be voted into the game for Survivor: Second Chance? Sound off in the comments!

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We’ll be covering the finale tonight with an in-depth review, so check back later tonight!

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