‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Deleted Scenes from the Season Premiere (VIDEO)

Survivor: Worlds Apart premiered on Wednesday night with a 90-minute episode that was one of the best season premieres in some time.

But what did this week’s deleted scenes tell us about these cast members? Is Vince as kooky as he seems? Is Dan as bossy as he seems? And how does the eliminated castaway feel on the day after her elimination?

It’s an interesting collection of videos, nearly all of which are centered on helping us get to know this cast better. Frankly, it’s one of the more fascinating jobs the casting department has done, since this is the most distinct I can remember a non-All Star cast being at this early stage of the game. I’ll be interested to see how they play in the coming weeks, and which players show a real aptitude for Survivor.

But until then, we’ve got deleted scenes, confessionals, cast profiles, challenge videos, a recap of the tribal council voting, thoughts from Jeff Probst, a countdown of the Top 5 awkward moments from the premiere, and an interview with the eliminated contestant the day after tribal council. check out the scenes below:

'Survivor Worlds Apart' Deleted Scenes from the Season Premiere (VIDEO)

If you missed the episode, check it out on CBS All-Access!

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