‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Deleted Scenes for Episode 8 (VIDEO)

Survivor: Worlds Apart is getting more intense as the Blue Collar alliance is slowly picking off the No Collars. Carolyn and Tyler remain potential floaters between alliances, but it seems they’re mostly playing it safe by sticking with a group that includes Dan and Rodney, two guys with such lousy attitudes that they can’t possibly win this game. Wednesday’s episode highlighted this with Dan, who was so awful to Shirin that I wonder if he’s actually taking jury votes into account when he shoots off his mouth. Of course, his terrible attitude is exactly why he survives this week’s vote, since he’s far too good of a goat to take to the end. Anyone looking to win this game would be crazy to not want to take Dan with them, and so the vote this week made sense, even if I would have LOVED to see Dan blindsided.

But what does this week’s eliminated castaway have to say on the day following tribal council? How do they feel about being the first member of the jury? And how is life treating them over at the Ponderosa?

'Survivor Worlds Apart' Deleted Scenes for Episode 8 (VIDEO)

Credit: CBS

It’s another great collection of videos. We’ve got deleted scenes, confessionals, secret scenes, challenge videos, a recap of the tribal council voting, an interview with the eliminated castaway the day after tribal council, and more. Check out the scenes below:

If you missed the episode, check it out on CBS All-Access!

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