‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Deleted Scenes for Episode 7 (VIDEO)

Survivor: Worlds Apart offered up its most exciting episode of the season this past Wednesday: not only did the two tribes merge, creating new alliances in the process, but the hidden immunity idol was also played at a thrilling tribal council. However, the fallout of tribal council is likely going to be huge when you consider that Carolyn and Tyler are still arguably the swing votes between two alliances, while Rodney is also likely to stir up trouble now that two straight votes haven’t gone his way. It was a great episode not only from a strategic standpoint, but also from a pure entertainment perspective, since it opens up a lot of possibilities for the future.

But what does this week’s eliminated castaway have to say on the day following tribal council? How about that crazy blindside with the hidden immunity idol? And how are the castaways handling the merge?

'Survivor Worlds Apart' Deleted Scenes for Episode 7 (VIDEO)

It’s another great collection of videos. We’ve got deleted scenes, confessionals, secret scenes, challenge videos, a recap of the tribal council voting, an interview with the eliminated castaway the day after tribal council, and more. Check out the scenes below:

If you missed the episode, check it out on CBS All-Access!

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