‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Deleted Scenes for Episode 6 (VIDEO)

Survivor: Worlds Apart delivered some really great strategy this week, with Mike keeping his alliances afloat by getting Sierra back on their side at a crucial moment. But there were lots of other developments this week worth exploring, from the bromance between Joaquin and Rodney, to the thrown immunity challenge debacle that could have gone better, but also could have gone SO much worse than it did.

But where is Sierra’s head at, and how does she feel about being caught between two alliances? How about Joe, whose name was on the chopping block this week? And what are people with allies on a different tribe thinking?

It’s another great collection of videos. We’ve got deleted scenes, confessionals, secret scenes, challenge videos, a recap of the tribal council voting, an interview with the eliminated castaways the day after tribal council, and more. Check out the scenes below:

'Survivor Worlds Apart' Deleted Scenes for Episode 6 (VIDEO)

If you missed the episode, check it out on CBS All-Access!

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