Behind the Scenes

'Survivor: Worlds Apart' Deleted Scenes for Episode 2 (VIDEO)

Survivor: Worlds Apart delivered an exciting but frustrating episode, considering that hardly anyone seemed to understand just how this game is supposed to be played. Worse than that, we had a group of people who seem to have no ability to keep their high-strung feelings in check. But while that can be frustrating from a strategic standpoint, it made for some damn good TV. And it made for some entertaining deleted scenes too.

This week's deleted scenes explore the respective strategies of each castaway, from Youtube personality Will to Feather Locklear himself, Vince. We also get explanations behind what happened at the immunity/reward challenge, why the Blue Collar tribe is having such work-related issues, why the No Collar tribe can't seem to get along, and why the White Collar tribe is naked all the time.

'Survivor Worlds Apart' Deleted Scenes for Episode 2 (VIDEO)
Nudity to the Max

It's another fascinating collection of videos. We've got deleted scenes, confessionals, secret scenes, challenge videos, a recap of the tribal council voting, an interview with the eliminated castaway the day after tribal council, and more. Check out the scenes below:

If you missed the episode, check it out on CBS All-Access!