Survivor Second Chance: Viewers To Choose Next Season’s Cast

For the first time in Survivor history, viewers will choose the cast members to appear on the show. “Survivor Second Chance” is now open for voting at and the list of potential contestants are outcasts who have never won. (It does include cast members from the current season, but as Jeff Probst told EW, it is possible that one of them could be ultimately ineligible).

Voting is open now and ends on May 20 at 9 PM ET, the finale of Survivor Worlds Apart. You must register at to vote and you can vote 20 times a day, 10 male / 10 female, but you must vote for all 20. The results of the voting will be revealed on the finale.

The viewers will select the entire cast, but Reality Blurred points out a nice caveat in the rules: “A combination of votes from CBS and the public will decide who from amongst the nominees presented will become the Fall 2015 Survivor cast.” So yes, CBS has final say as always.

Also note that for the first time in Survivor history, a season will air out of order. One season has already been filmed in Cambodia and that will air in the spring next year. This season of Survivor will be filmed in Cambodia shortly after the finale in a couple of weeks.

Survivor Viewers Choice

Here are the potential cast members:

1. Kelly Wiglesworth, Survivor Borneo
2. Jeff Varner, Survivor: The Australian Outback
3. Kimmi Kappenberg, Survivor: The Australian Outback
4. Andrew Savage, Survivor: Pearl Islands
5. Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper, Survivor: Africa
6. Shane Powers, Survivor Panama
7. Peih-Gee Law, Survivor: China
8. Terry Deitz, Survivor: Panama
9. Monica Padilla, Survivor: Samoa
10. Stephen Fishbach, Survivor: Tocantins
11. Natalie Tenerelli, Survivor: Redemption Island
12. Jim Rice, Survivor: South Pacific
13. Stephanie Valencia, Survivor Redemption Island
14. Troyzan Robertson, Survivor: One World
15. Mikayla Wingle, Survivor: South Pacific
16. Vytas Baskauskas, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
17. Sabrina Thompson, Survivor: One World
18. Brad Culpepper, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
19. Abi-Maria Gomes, Survivor: Philippines
20. Woo Hwang, Survivor: Cagayan
21. Ciera Eastin, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
22. Spencer Bledsoe, Survivor: Cagayan
23. Tasha Fox, Survivor: Cagayan
24. Jeremy Collins, Survivor: San Juan del Sur
25. Kass McQuillen, Survivor: Cagayan
26. Keith Nale, Survivor: San Juan del Sur
27. Kelley Wentworth, Survivor: San Juan Del Sur
28. Joe Anglim, Survivor: Worlds Apart
29. Shirin Oskooi, Survivor: Worlds Apart
30. Max Dawson, Survivor: Worlds Apart
31. Carolyn Rivera, Survivor: Worlds Apart
32. Mike Holloway, Survivor: Worlds Apart

Via Reality Blurred

I’m voting for Terry!


I think Kass, Shirin, Joe, Spencer, Jeremy, Vytas, Woo, and Stephen are locks to come back, although I’m uncertain about the rest. I disliked Kass in Survivor: Cagayan, but mostly because I felt like she was playing for third place. I hate it when people play to get to the end but not to win. But, in retrospect, she might have had a good chance of winning that season if Woo had taken her to the end instead of Tony. I don’t think she was liked, but I feel like she could have talked people into voting for her on the basis that she played a better strategic game.

I’m also desperate to see Fishbach return because I want to see how he’d do on a season without JT, while also playing against people who are arguably as much of a Survivor Know-It-All as him.

I’m not picking Carolyn or Mike just yet because I think one of them will be removed from contention if they’re declared the winner of Survivor: Worlds Apart, since Jeff Probst seems intent on there not being any previous winners on Season 32. Then, each vote-getter would be moved up one place, and we’d fill out the rest of the cast from there. Because, realistically, I can’t see anyone other than Mike or Carolyn winning Worlds Apart, and I can’t see either of them failing to get the necessary votes to play again next season. So if Probst is serious about there not being any previous winners, one of them will have to be taken off the ballot. Either that, or this is a major spoiler that neither person wins. But that’s just inconceivable to me right now.

But which Survivors do you want to see get a second chance? Sound off in the comments!

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