‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Season Premiere Deleted Scenes (VIDEO)

Survivor: Second Chance premiered this week, and there was a lot to take in, even though it was a super-sized, 90-minute episode!

Alliances were formed, a hidden immunity idol was found, and one castaway got blindsided by a sudden, instant tribal council, which took place immediately after the immunity/reward challenge. In short, with just the first episode of this fan-voted cast under our belt, it’s clear that we’re in for an explosive season.

Yes, these are all people who’ve played the game of Survivor before. But it’s clear that they’ve never played this version before, as the season premiere was the twistiest ever. Check out the deleted scenes, including secret scenes, deleted confessionals, cast profiles, challenge video, and a full voting recap, below:

'Survivor Second Chance' Season Premiere Deleted Scenes (VIDEO)

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