‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Deleted Scenes for Episode 6 (VIDEO)

Survivor: Second Chance delivered its best episode this season, thanks to compelling strategizing and some truly emotional moments. This is without even getting into the epic blindside that closed the episode.

Wednesday night’s episode was top tier Survivor, as the tribes were shuffled once again, leaving us with just two tribes and a host of divided loyalties. This came after the sudden evacuation of Terry Dietz, whose son, Danny, was in critical condition at a hospital back home. When told of his son’s condition, Terry immediately left the game, leaving us with an episode that, essentially, was a double elimination. And yet, it was kind of hard to concentrate on anything else, considering how large Terry’s exit loomed over the episode. It’d be an understatement to say the update that Danny was okay, which came at the end of the episode, was a massive relief, and one of the most uplifting moments in recent Survivor history. #DannyStrong, baby!

But onto the deleted scenes, as we’ve got a lot of cool stuff from this week’s episode, including secret scenes, deleted confessionals, challenge video, and a full voting recap. Watch the videos below:

'Survivor Second Chance' Deleted Scenes for Episode 6 (VIDEO)

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And for more on Survivor: Second Chance, get an update on Terry Dietz and his son, Danny, here!

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