‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Deleted Scenes for Episode 5 (VIDEO)

Survivor: Second Chance is starting to heat up as we get closer to the merge!

Wednesday night’s episode was the best yet, due to the critical focus on strategy. Tasha began weighing her options as to whether she wants to move forward with Woo or Abi-Maria, since it’s becoming clear that she won’t be able to remain allies with both for much longer. Meanwhile, a final five pact was made on the Ta Keo tribe as Ciera pulled in Kass, Joe, Kelley and Keith, leaving Terry on the outs. Granted, he doesn’t realize he’s on the outs, which speaks volumes of the game his opponents are playing, since he doesn’t expect a thing. And then there’s Kimmi. In the most dramatic development of the episode, Kimmi really came alive as a player over on the Bayon Tribe, engineering the difficult 3-2-1 vote split made famous by Survivor legend Cirie Fields. All this, after Monica tried to organize an all-girls alliance, as the original Bayon members tried to decide on which outsider to eliminate, resulting in an ironic swing of the pendulum.

Naturally, any episode this dramatic has a ton of deleted scenes left on the cutting room floor. And a lot of them are as interesting as the stuff that got in! Check out the deleted scenes, including secret scenes, deleted confessionals, challenge video, and a full voting recap, below:

'Survivor Second Chance' Deleted Scenes for Episode 5 (VIDEO)

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