‘Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance’ Cast Revealed at Live Reunion Show

The Sole Survivor has been crowned, as a winner has been named for Survivor: Worlds Apart. That means we can now start looking ahead to the next season of one of TV’s absolute best reality competition series.

America voted on which 10 men and which 10 women from previous seasons would compete on Survivor: Second Chance, the show’s 31st season. Votes were tabulated through, with the results being announced at the live reunion show for Survivor: Worlds Apart.

The results? Look no further:

'Survivor Second Chance' Cast Revealed at Live Reunion Show

Credit: CBS


Kelly Wiglesworth – Survivor: Borneo
Kimmi Kappenberg – Survivor: The Australian Outback
Peih-Gee Law – Survivor: China
Ciera Eastin – Survivor: Blood vs. Water
Abi-Maria Gomes – Survivor: Philippines
Kass McQuillen – Survivor: Cagayan
Monica Padilla – Survivor: Samoa
Kelley Wentworth – Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Shirin Oskooi – Survivor: Worlds Apart
Tasha Fox – Survivor: Cagayan

Jeff Varner, Survivor: The Australian Outback
Keith Nale, Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Vytas Baskauskas, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
Terry Deitz, Survivor: Panama
Andrew Savage, Survivor: Pearl Islands
Woo Hwang, Survivor: Cagayan
Stephen Fishbach, Survivor: Tocantins
Jeremy Collins, Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Joe Anglim, Survivor: Worlds Apart
Spencer Bledsoe, Survivor: Cagayan

Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper – Survivor: Africa
Stephanie Valencia – Survivor: Redemption Island
Jim Rice, Survivor: South Pacific
Sabrina Thompson – Survivor: One World
Mikayla Wingle – Survivor: South Pacific
Natalie Tenerelli – Survivor: Redemption Island
Carolyn Rivera – Survivor: Worlds Apart
Max Dawson, Survivor: Worlds Apart
Troyzan Robertson, Survivor: One World
Shane Powers, Survivor: Panama
Brad Culpepper, Survivor: Blood vs. Water

SUPER disappointed about Shane Powers and Carolyn Rivera. But hot damn, this cast is pretty awesome overall. I’ve been waiting for Savage to come back for nearly as long as he has, and getting STEPHEN FISHBACH back on the show is worth getting stoked over alone. I couldn’t be more thrilled about how this season is shaping up. I can’t wait for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance!

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